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Help students believe in their ability to achieve their dreams!

It takes a community to raise a child.

By working together we can guide our children into a brighter future.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our program is to ensure as community leaders we reach out and provide support for those in our communities who are in need. For us to transform technology into a tool that create opportunity and harness an ability to create unity. We live in a World dependent on technology, hence to ensure our own communities succeed, we must ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need. So let’s start by ensuring every student has a computer and that we guide them to use it for their growth and education.

Our Collaboration

A part of our registration asks the students to look within themselves and seek out the benefits of how a computer will make their dreams achievable. In this manner we introduce them to thinking about computers and technology as a gateway to their success rather than a distraction. Through working together we ensure the children in our community have someone to believe in them and guide them to be successful.

Working Together

By working together we not only redefine how our own local communities perceive their capability, but we also become an important aspect to their development. Through providing accessible support systems that help people harness their own capability and feel believed in we are building strength and unity for our very own futures. We seek collaboration with as many people as possible to ensure we educate, uplift, and inspire positive growth in all communities, while working together to make a true difference.


To create the most effective impact we must ensure that all children are guided to register through our program. It is not as simple as just registering, but more so building the self-recognition for their own capability in the registration process. It is up to those guiding our future generations that we ensure our impact provides inspiration and support to build a brighter future, together.


  • Advocate Email – to share with people you know to help reach out, register students and raise awareness.
  • Guide for our Advocate Platform – Social Media Sharing and Other ways to help your local community.
  • Communication – by registering we will be able to further understand your specific areas needs, meanwhile we work through you to reach out to provide for those in your own local community.