Our organization seeks to ensure students look to technology as a tool for their own achievement. What we mean by this is that if students have the tools needed to access the information they seek, we open up their ability to achieve their dreams.

We want to make sure you as a student look within yourself and see the vast potential you hold, as your ability to use a computer and the internet to reach your full potential.

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Our focus is that communities with the right resources have the ability to create a brighter future. As a part of our mission we seek to ensure all students have the opportunity to connect to our World of opportunity. We are here to stand by, and support our future generations in an effort to uplift their sense of self-regard and belief in their capability to be successful. As such, our program seeks to share applications submitted to help inspire other students and our benevolent donors to create a positive impact for the future.

Notice: All applicants under the age of 18 please ensure that a parent or legal guardian fills out our disclosure. All photos and any other materials submitted to Technology for the Future (“Materials”) become the sole and exclusive property of our organization and cannot be returned at any time. By submitting Materials, you agree our organization may, but is not obligated to, use the Materials in connection with the program, in any way, in any medium, worldwide, in perpetuity. Further, you warrant all Materials are 100% original and do not violate the right of privacy or publicity of, or constitute a defamation against, any person or entity; that the Materials will not infringe upon or violate the copyright or common law rights or any other rights of any person or entity; and that there are and will be no encumbrances, liens, conditions or restrictions whatsoever upon or affecting such Materials. You agree to indemnify Technology for the Future for all damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of any breach or failure of the warranties made herein.