Dual Core Corporate Laptop

$149.99 $109.99

Intel dual core laptop
Windows Operating System


Dual Core Corporate Laptop

Windows 7 or Newer
Corporate Grade Laptop
Plug and Play Ready!
A portion of all our proceeds help us fund laptops for students in need.
What you will receive:
HP/DELL/LENOVO Corporate Grade Laptop
Dual Core Processor
4GB Ram
Windows 7
Plug and Play Ready
Product Information
Microsoft Refurbisher Product
1 Year Hardware Warranty Included
Professionally Refurbished Product
What’s included:
LibreOffice – Document and Spreadsheet software
Antivirus – Lifetime Antivirus Program (Microsoft Security Essentials)
Adobe Reader – PDF reading software
Laptop and Charger
Virus Prevention Guide
Using the Internet Safety Tips
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This is a series of laptops that are designed for business use, they are professional refurbished, warrantied, and ready to plug and play. Our focus is to define affordable and reliable products.