About Technology for the Future

Technology for the Future is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), organization dedicated to enhancing the access of our rising leaders to opportunities that can come with technology. Through the process of achieving these goals, we ask that young applicants as well as supporters of our cause (whether donors or otherwise) submit information to our website so that we can provide them with the necessary tools and communication. As such, we also commit to the safe-keeping of the information provided to the best extent of our ability.

Personal Information

All information on our website is submitted willingly by our online visitors. Any use of information will only be for the purposes of Technology for the Future, such as communication and evaluating areas of need. The information provided by our users will never be sold and we will do our utmost to protect it from any misuse. The various instances of website-user submitted information and their usage are outlined below.


Personal Contact information (Full name and Email): Required. For us to use in correspondence with your application/project(s) and use of our website, deliver a monthly newsletter, and contact you if there are any special opportunities for you in our program. We need your full name to make sure we can address any material to the correct student. In some cases, we will only use the first name to identify information on our website.

Age: Required. We ask that all students are honest about their age in order that we are able to obtain appropriate levels of consent from the legal parent or guardian. This is to protect minors and respect the wishes of their parents.

Mailing Address: Required. With all our applications we need to have an address to define geographic demand and pair demand with funding needed to create equal access. Only the zip-code will be displayed or used as an identifier on our website.

Phone Number: Required. When we are not able to reach you by email, we will use your phone number when necessary to address anything with your application/project.

School name: The application requires the school name and address. We use this to identify the areas of need geographically. The two pieces of information serve as statistical data for our team. We may send newsletters and notifications for upcoming events and opportunities.

Referrals: Required. Since we are a community partners program we want to ensure that our partners get the credit they deserve.



Personal Contact information (Full name and Email): Required. For us to use in correspondence with any transactions, confirmation, receipts, emails, messages, updates or any other form of needed communication associated with your donations and/or participation in our program. It is our goal to ensure we address the correct person and maintain privacy.

Mailing Address: Required. We need this to be able to enable written correspondence if need arises. This may include donation certificates, gifts, thank you letters, and others among these in which the written form is preferred.

Payments: Our payment systems are protected by third party companies. Data is not stored on our servers. Our processing is with Stripe and Paypal, both of whom offer their own additional privacy policies (which we do not govern and should thus be reviewed separately). Our goal is to ensure best safety standards which is why our payments go through the experts.

How we share and publish your information

We do not engage in the selling, trading, or publishing your personal information (other than as specified within the application and privacy policy). Information submitted on our website is solely used for the purposes of our mission in affiliation to Technology for the Future, Adrian Martinca, and other entities associated with achieving our goals. Within achieving our mission, we keep in mind the importance of privacy and abide by policies that keep our users’ safety as a priority. We may use the geographic location of the school and/or home provided (no addresses will ever be included) in order to create data that allows both us and our donors to view the general areas of need. No personal information will be shared without explicit consent.

How we protect your privacy

Our organization does not affiliate or distribute any information to be used by parties outside of our system. Access to the information is restricted to authorized personnel and our physical servers and access points are protected with necessary security measures including alarm systems, electronic protections, and managerial procedures, among others. We use technological safety precautions such as firewalls, passwords, certificates, and any other methods deemed beneficial to preventing cyber crime or data theft. We abide by security standards presented by our host, and make necessary upgrades as needed. Of course, systems are not perfect and as such we cannot hold any liability  or warranty for the information submitted through our Website.

Privacy of Children

While serving the students, our focus is making the safety and privacy of children of the greatest importance. Our website allows for students of any age to submit a scholarship application in order to receive a personal laptop; however, any students under the age of 18 is required to provide parental consent prior to application processing. Applications that fail to uphold parental consent will be deleted off of our servers.

Personal information is not shared with any third parties. All information remains as the property of the program through which the application was received. We reserve the right to share the essays or videos submitted with possible donors. No identifiable personal information other than first name will be disclosed. Applicants have the option to share their photo along with the application if they are 13 years of age or older. We will do our best to ensure that no identifiable information is in the photos provided.

How you can Access and Adjust your Account/Information

You have access to your account to change your profile/account information at any time by logging in. Personal information provided within your account is not part of the public domain and is protected by our own systems as well as the password which you are accountable for. You have the right to request access to the personal information we may have in our possession, as well as the right to request corrections, amendments and deletions of any and all of your personal information that is in our possession. If you have any such requests or questions, please email us at the address provided at the end of the policy.


There may be hyperlinks to our affiliates and advocates. We ask that you be aware that this privacy policy only applies to the Technology for the Future website and that you are encouraged to review the privacy policies of others.


Updates to our Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Technology for the Future is subject to change, as such the date updated will be posted at the top of our Privacy page. Any material changes that affect the privacy of the users will be communicated through the website as well as the email provided through the application process or your account. Your continued use of the website after such changes indicates your consent to the modifications.


Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to communicate with us! We are happy to hear from you with any and all comments and questions.

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