Hello Everyone,
I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the support and submissions we are receiving. It is vital that people recognize the importance of feeling believed in, especially for our children. Our society stands at a point where our perception of how we live and the way we see opportunity is embedded in our capability to utilize technology itself. We want to make sure that everyone has access to technology as a tool that allows you to connect to opportunities. We want to provide the resources that inspire people to believe in one another’s ability to succeed in creating a brighter future, together.
Having the knowledge of resources that can aid people creates a responsibility to ensure these resources are shared. Technology for the Future was founded not merely as a means to provide students computers. It was created as an organization that strives to do whatever it takes to ensure our students not only have their own personal computers to connect to the World, but also to provide resources and inspiration that pushes our children to look at technology as a tool that they can use to explore the World and achieve their dreams. Technology defines our ability to connect as people, to share ideas, and find solutions to our daily problems.
What is important to regard is that being believed in as a person is what motivates you to follow your dreams and even tackle problems or obstacles you may be facing. So, for our future generations to be successful we must first ensure that we believe in their capability to succeed, and not only that but also to make sure that the tools they need to do so are easily available.
Let us stand together and unite in our ability to create positive support for children in our communities, for we will not only create the opportunity for a brighter future, but also allow for our current generations to change theirs,
Thank you kindly.
Adrian Martinca

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