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Empowering our youth and equipping them with resources to be successful is simply what family does. Operation Dream Force is our way of using technology as an extension of support for our family, humanity. We want family to be first when it comes to protecting our future, and technology can not stand in the way of that.

Our Champion led effort is made up of individuals and organizations who understand that the best way to create a difference is the make the difference using the resources we have and innovating sustainable solutions. This is our time to transform our relationship with technology and make sure that we put our family first when we OPEN Doors to the future.

“A true victory, is a victory shared by all.”
– Adrian Martinca – Founder.

Equal Access Survey

If access to technology impacts your ability to succeed as either an individual or an organization please complete our equal access survey. By doing so you will help us learn more about how technology impacts your life, so that we better understand the resources needed to best serve our future.

Dream Force Evaluation

Our dream force evaluation serves as the basis of how we can work together to create a support system around technology and our future as humanity. Whether you have a specific need or a resource to contribute to our efforts this evaluation is our first step to becoming a champion of the dream force.

Dream Force Benefits

Operation Dream Force benefits for it’s
members and partners:

  • Dream Guide platform access
  • Work-force development tools
  • Champion community access
  • Dream Force community toolkit
  • Laptop scholarship opportunities
  • Access to digital resources and tools
  • Discounted laptops from $50, with warranties included
  • $20 or less in labor for laptop repairs
  • Swap out program for your old or broken devices
  • Buy back program for old or broken devices

Dream Force Technology Services

Accidental Damage

Our warranty will make sure that you have a back-up plan and support for your device if it breaks.

Hot Swap Devices

We offer a hot swap service where we can send you a replacement device in exchange for your old or broken unit.

Discounted Repair

We provide discounted repair services for laptops to help ensure you can extend the life of your device.

My Laptop Warranty

Protecting your freedom when it comes to technology access is more important now than ever. A broken or malfunctioning device can be detrimental to achieving your goals and dreams. Our "My Laptop Warranty" program is our way of preventing you from losing access to a laptop.

This program is available to individuals as well as entire organizations.

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