OPEN Doors Challenge

1 Million Dreams ... 1 Million Possibilities ...

You are the key, it all begins with a dream.

Everyone deserves to have a Champion that will stand by them to fight for their dreams and aspirations, no matter what. We recognize the importance of Champions because we ourselves are going through this journey with YOU, we too, along with our team are fighting to create our dreams into a reality. It takes courage, perseverance, understanding, compassion, kindness, and a lot of imagination to truly create something. You are all creators of the World we live in, and we want to be there with you and for you, because we know that together our potential is unlimited. Your dreams are the key that will OPEN Doors to our Victory, in this War against the odds, so we overcome the doubt and fear so many people, communities, and children face everyday, and create freedom to imagine and believe that anything is truly possible! That is how we will Change the Future.

– Miriam & Adrian, members of your OPEN Doors Family.

Laptop Scholarships Available


Applications Due
March 3, 2019

OPEN Doors Champions:

A champion invests resources to empower the unlimited potential of our future. They are the light for our children to feel believed and supported so that they can turn their dreams into reality. Together with our champions we OPEN Doors to a brighter future for everyone.

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