HIGH POINT — Adrian Martinca is a young entrepreneur who wants to better the lives of Guilford County students in need by giving them laptop computers and guidance for use.
“We want to ensure that every child in need in Guilford County, grades K-12, has access to the technology they need to succeed,” Martinca said.
Martinca, 25, operates A.M. Technologies, which has partnered with more than 1,800 vendors on the East Coast to provide high-quality laptops at $100 each.
A.M. Technologies is run by millennials, including a 22-year-old chief operating officer, and some older employees. In March, Martinca founded Technology for the Future, an online-based nonprofit similar to Donors Choose. Kernersville-based A.M. Technologies distributes from its 12,000-square-foot High Point warehouse, he said.
The goal is to provide technology resources for future generations.
“Our movement under our nonprofit is referenced as ‘One Child, One Computer, One Future: $100,’” Martinca said. “Our current focus is to ensure our home county is provided with the computers they need. To show that we believe in the cause and ensure that we have a good starting point, I provided the funding to provide 500 kids with computers, $50,000. We are now on a mission to find other supporters and ensure all the students in need in K-12 in Guilford get registered for our program.”
In addition to seeking other donors, the group is asking children and young people to share their own videos or written essays expressing their inspiration for the use of a computer and how it can better their lives. Martinca said the laptops would belong to the child, rather than the school district or any other organization.
“We want to be able to inspire kids, broaden their perspectives and show them there are so many gateways out there,” Martinca said.
Martinca and Wendy Leigh Thomas spoke on behalf of Technology for the Future at the most recent Guilford County Board of Education meeting on June 30. Keith McCullough, a board member from High Point, said he believes the nonprofit can potentially form a good partnership with Say Yes to Education, an initiative that makes college scholarship money available to all Guilford County Schools students and also helps with “wraparound services,” like tutoring.
Thomas asked school board members to help spread the word and encourage students to visit thetechnologyforthefuture.org website.
Martinca hopes to collect all the applications and funding to cover Guilford County before the end of this year, and plans to host a kickoff event similar to a graduation ceremony to mark the first step forward for children.
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