“To whom it may concern,
I write in support of Technology for the Future, a non-profit organization that is doing outstanding work in furthering educational opportunities for students in our community. I have personally met with representatives from Technology for the Future and toured their facilities and was impressed with the work they have started and their commitment to improving access to technology for students in the area.
As we move further in the 21st century, technology is becoming increasingly important to the education of our students. Computer literacy for children is of paramount importance and online resources are unleashing endless opportunities for enrichment. Personally, I give great credit to the role technology played in my own educational success and believe every student must have the same opportunity I received. Not only can technology and access to computers enhance a student’s academic standing, it can increase their own sense of self-regard and hope for the future. Through technology, children can craft themselves into the leaders of tomorrow and become good stewards of their community.
However, Technology for the future cannot operate alone. It is important that there be broad support for their goal and a sense of teamwork in bringing about these opportunities to our students. Local businesses, clubs, churches, and prominent individuals within the community must be aware of this organization and their efforts in order for them to expand their scope and achieve their goals. Currently they have the support of Minister’s Alliance, which is a positive step toward an effective coalition.
So please join me in support of Technology for the Future. Their motto is “Together We Can Make a Difference” and I truly believe those words. It is crucial that we work as a team so that our children will have all the tools and opportunities necessary to increase their self-regard and be inspired as they embark on their educational journey.
Rep. Cecil Brockman
60th District – Guilford County
North Carolina House of Representatives

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