Equal Access Scholarship

What does technology access mean for a student?

A way to access their school work and education.
A resource for research and understanding.
A tool to access knowledge for learning.
A support system for their interests and dreams.
A network to peers and communities.
A channel for collaboration and sharing of ideas.
A portal for creativity in exploring the World.
A gateway to a World of Unlimited Potential.
A Connection to a World of United Opportunities.

The Purpose:

The focus of our scholarship is to provide students with a device to OPEN Doors to their best potential through safe, reliable, and effective use of technology. By ensuring equal access to technology for the future of our students, we enhance their capability for achieving their dreams and aspirations.  

Our Technology:

Our scholarship is grounded in three core values:

  1. Access – in the form of a reliable device.
  2. Protection – in the form of a safe (“Parent Approved”) learning environment.
  3. Support – in the form of resources to support student growth.


Moving through 2018, our movement is dedicated to uphold the resources necessary to empower at least 1 million students through our Equal Access Scholarship. Upon reaching our goal in June, the scholarship applications will be sent out to all the students in our program and the award process will begin.

“Equal” Access:

The ability to create a balanced environment for connectivity is crucial. This means that all students have equal opportunity to access information necessary to empower their capability for achieving their potential and fulfilling their dreams.

Access (Device):

Personal access to a device is essential for student success. A device enables a student to connect to their school work, research information, and their ability explore their dreams and aspirations. Device access must operate efficiently, and reliably without “downtime” just as any device would be expected to within any “functioning” institution – in this way we enhance a student’s ability to maintain access, reliably, whenever necessary.

Protection – A device as an ‘environment’:

“Equal Access” standards of protection are defined in parallel to that of our educational institutions. So a student utilizing our device is no different than them utilizing a device at school.

One of the most crucial perspectives to uphold the ability for students to utilize a device for their education is to maintain the best safety mechanism for their exploration. Meaning, for us to enable “equal access” for all students we must ensure that all students can explore information within an environment that ensures the content being access is “parent approved” and in turn considered as “safe”. The intention behind ensuring protection for student exploration is that for us to enable “equal access” for all students we must ensure that all parents feel safe with their students having access to technology in the first place. So the first step to Opening Doors to our children’s potential lies in our ability to ensure comfort and communication with the parent communities and educators.

Support – Resources for learning and personal growth:

“Equal Access” empowers our students not only in the perspective that we can ensure their safe exploration of knowledge and understanding, but also allows for the connectivity to resources required for growth and development. There are many beautiful organizations and support systems that exist within our society specifically created for student success. Within our device access students will have the ability to seek support with their school work, as well as any personal supporting resources approved within our federal education guidelines for student use.

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