Equal Access Scholarship

What does technology access mean for a student?

A way to access their school work and education.
A resource for research and understanding.
A tool to access knowledge for learning.
A support system for their interests and dreams.
A network to peers and communities.
A channel for collaboration and sharing of ideas.
A portal for creativity in exploring the World.
A gateway to a World of Unlimited Potential.
A Connection to a World of United Opportunities.

The Purpose:

The focus of our scholarship is to provide students with a device to OPEN Doors to their best potential through safe, reliable, and effective use of technology. By ensuring equal access to technology for the future of our students, we enhance their capability for achieving their dreams and aspirations.  

Our Technology:

Our scholarship is grounded in three core values:

  1. Access – in the form of a reliable device.
  2. Protection – in the form of a safe learning environment.
  3. Support – in the form of resources to support student growth.

Moving towards June 2018, our movement is dedicated to uphold the resources necessary to empower at least 1 million students through our Equal Access Scholarship. Upon reaching our goal in June, the scholarship applications will be sent out to all the students in our program and the award process will begin.

Incorporated Resources:

At Technology for the Future, we understand that in order to reach your full potential, not only do you need the tools necessary, but also the belief in yourself. Such belief often stems from the support systems available to us as well as access to resources that enhance our pathways throughout our education in addition to our personal lives. Due to this, Technology for the Future has been working with the community, engaging various organizations and services for the purpose of expanding the resources provided, in the hopes that no child will find themselves faced with an unsurmountable obstacle on their way to achieve their full potential.

Below, we’ve included the general outline of the resources we’ve accrued (and are continuing to expand) that are available through the Equal Access Scholarship.



Technology for the Future has been focusing on creating a community of support for the students so that they feel believed in and, in turn, believe in their own ability to achieve. It is our belief that coming together as a community will reflect in the children’s ability to look to each other and to others for help and motivation to reach their dreams, maximizing their tools and resources.

We believe that the network of support will enable the students to:

  • Increase their academic scores and school attendance rates
  • Increase parent and community engagement  in the education process of their children
  • Decrease the disconnect of students and parents

These results will prepare students to be successful in college and career and strengthen the quality of life for all.



The majority of college applications are submitted online. This process also includes obtaining transcripts, letters of recommendation, along with others, that are all more easily and dependably submitted through online portals. For this reason, Technology for the Future believes it is essential that our students have direct access to both informative materials about their college choices as well as access to organizations that help guide their application process.



“What do you want to be when you grow up?”–the question every child faces yet sometimes lacks guidance in. Beginning from a young age, it’s important to expose our children to the vast amount of possibilities so as not to limit them in their answers. Throughout the years, information pertaining the processes to achieve their goals should be readily available. 

Partnerships with local organizations, businesses and local colleges and universities allow for development of internship programs as well as job opportunities, bringing avenues of gaining experience throughout their educational journey.


Scholar Mentoring Program

In addition to community support, Technology for the Future advocates for individual mentoring that provides encouragement and support throughout school and guidance outside of the classroom, regarding both professional, educational, and extra-curricular interests.

A peer-to-peer network of support will also enable students to view each other not only as valuable in different ways, but also as essential for a collective understanding. The goal is to instill in them a sense of looking to each other for help, rather than at each other in judgement.



With the amount of resources available to the general public that allow for furthering education and learning skills outside of school, it is important to make them accessible for our students. This will allow them to not only expand their areas of knowledge outside of the classroom, but also become more fulfilled people. 


Legal Help

Collaboration with law-firms and attorneys enable availability of advice on non-criminal matters, including adoption, small claims, employment, etc. Technology for the Future finds such partnerships valuable in  regards to ensuring a safe environment for the child. 


Mental Health

Mental Health issues have become more and more of a focus for the general public as the lack of access to treatment brings on greater consequences. Thus, while Technology for the Future establishes partnerships with local clinics to provide availability for the students, the main focus is on being able to provide such help without having access to a car. Currently, we are following the progress of VA’s implementation of tele-psychiatry conducted by licensed physicians in the area into their public school system to evaluate its effectiveness and potentially incorporate it, or the like, into our systems as well.

These services can address issues like family conflict, anger or aggression, depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and self harming behaviors. The emergency numbers, as well as hotlines, will be made readily available.


Family Support

Coinciding with the community support and individual mentorship, Technology for the Future encourages the family (-like) support for their students in order to keep their faith in themselves high as well as any personal issues addressed.

In order to create an environment of safely, through providing family support we seek to help with:

  • Connecting students and families to services necessary for obtaining basic needs
  • Ensuring a safe home environment
  • Guidance for navigating school processes and future opportunities


Although the Technology for the Future team has been working hard to incorporate all resources that they think would benefit a child’s journey to achieve their dreams, we do ask that others not hesitate in reaching out to us if they would like to contribute.