We all understand how vital technology is for success and achievement. Yet, many students in our communities can not follow their dreams because they do not have the choice for access. Join our #OPENDoors Movement by endorsing the importance of technology and sharing our cause with your community. Only together, can we ensure that over 1 million students can be connected to both devices and resources necessary to achieve their dreams. Stand with us for a brighter future.
Introduce yourself and your organization.
    1. This is my OPEN Doors Challenge to support technologyforthefuture.org with this challenge we want to ensure equal equal access for all students because technology is…. (let us know the importance of technology in your life)

Equal Access Survey

Create an understanding on how access affects the students in your community.


Raise awareness for our O.P.E.N Doors Movement, so that all students have equal access.

Create Impact

Join us as a community partner to O.P.E.N. Doors for Equal Access for students in your community.

Student Connection

Sponsor student access to technology so that we can enhance student potential for success.

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