For just $9 a month you can help us provide a student

with a laptop and the support to pursue their dreams.

Eden, World’s future inventor.

Be a Champion for a student.

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Your dreams can
Change the Future!

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When students don't have access to technology, our future gets dimmer.

It's difficult, if not impossible, for a child living in poverty without access to
modern technology to succeed in school, eventually find meaningful work, and simply realize their dreams. All we need are generous donors (who we call CHAMPIONS) just like you to commit to donating a mere THIRTY CENTS each day to our mission this year, and we can put a laptop in one student's hands. We call these students VICTORS. They need you to realize their dreams.


Make a difference in the life of just one student, and you can make an impact on the future of us all.

When you join us and make a commitment to be a champion, you'll be
redirected to a page with videos uploaded by students hoping to win
scholarships for these free laptops - students who are voicing their hopes and dreams, and who only need the right technology to make that happen. By becoming a Champion, YOU can vote for whose dreams you want to support and open the door to opportunity for as many students as you choose.

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