One Child, One Computer, One Future


For our kids to succeed in a technology dependent society it is our responsibility to teach our youth that technology can be a tool for learning and growth rather than a distraction. We ask people, community leaders, and organizations to join our movement and work together to raise awareness and ensure every child has the ability to ‘connect’ not only to information but also their own self-belief in feeling capable.

What we are doing

  • Building community relationships with students.
  • Providing students with a connection to information  through the use of a laptop.
  • Creating positive peer to peer inspiration for students to believe in their capability to succeed.
  • Supporting community resources to aid parents with their students’ positive educational and personal growth.

How can you help?

  • $9 Helps us create positive support for students.
  • $18 Allows us to maintain our movement towards a positive future.
  • $45 Create opportunities to build inspiration resources for growth and education.
  • $100 Will provide a student with their own personal laptop.
  • $2000 Will provide a classroom of students with technology to succeed.

One Child, One Computer, One Future

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