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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A local non-profit wants to make sure every child has access to technology so they’re giving away free laptops to kids.  Technology for the Future’s personal laptop scholarship is something every child can apply for and the rewards are endless.

Adrian Martinca is the Founder and President of Technology for the Future.  He says his non-profit aims to give every child the opportunity to succeed.

“It is our mission to ensure that the resources and inspiration needed is accessible for all seeking to create a positive future for themselves and our children.  We want to teach kids to use technology as a means to create a brighter future rather than serve as a distraction,” said Martinca.

Technology for the Future is taking your online applications now.  And you can also donate to their cause on

Martinca says every dollar donated online goes directly towards funding a child’s computer.

Our Children and the Future

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the support and submissions we are receiving. It is vital that people recognize the importance of feeling believed in, especially for our children. Our society stands at a point where our perception of how we live and the way we see opportunity is embedded in our capability to utilize technology itself. We want to make sure that everyone has access to technology as a tool that allows you to connect to opportunities. We want to provide the resources that inspire people to believe in one another’s ability to succeed in creating a brighter future, together.

Having the knowledge of resources that can aid people creates a responsibility to ensure these resources are shared. Technology for the Future was founded not merely as a means to provide students computers. It was created as an organization that strives to do whatever it takes to ensure our students not only have their own personal computers to connect to the World, but also to provide resources and inspiration that pushes our children to look at technology as a tool that they can use to explore the World and achieve their dreams. Technology defines our ability to connect as people, to share ideas, and find solutions to our daily problems.

What is important to regard is that being believed in as a person is what motivates you to follow your dreams and even tackle problems or obstacles you may be facing. So, for our future generations to be successful we must first ensure that we believe in their capability to succeed, and not only that but also to make sure that the tools they need to do so are easily available.

Let us stand together and unite in our ability to create positive support for children in our communities, for we will not only create the opportunity for a brighter future, but also allow for our current generations to change theirs,

Thank you kindly.

Adrian Martinca

T.Y.M. Inc – Meeting

We had the opportunity to go and speak with the students at T.Y.M. Inc in Winston Salem, NC. Our goal is to reach out and ensure that students have the ability to register with our program. Having a laptop in today’s society has become vital for many students to even be able to know what homework they have to complete, not to mention needing a computer many times to complete it. We hope to work with many students in the future. Adrian Martinca asks for organization throughout the United States to partner with us so that we may take up the responsibility for our future generation having the tools they need to be successful. Thank you Miriam Martincova for helping us put everything together for this opportunity.

Thank you Jomo for your continued support #togetherwecanmakeadifference

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NC House Support – Rep. Cecil Brockman

“To whom it may concern,

I write in support of Technology for the Future, a non-profit organization that is doing outstanding work in furthering educational opportunities for students in our community. I have personally met with representatives from Technology for the Future and toured their facilities and was impressed with the work they have started and their commitment to improving access to technology for students in the area.

As we move further in the 21st century, technology is becoming increasingly important to the education of our students. Computer literacy for children is of paramount importance and online resources are unleashing endless opportunities for enrichment. Personally, I give great credit to the role technology played in my own educational success and believe every student must have the same opportunity I received. Not only can technology and access to computers enhance a student’s academic standing, it can increase their own sense of self-regard and hope for the future. Through technology, children can craft themselves into the leaders of tomorrow and become good stewards of their community.

However, Technology for the future cannot operate alone. It is important that there be broad support for their goal and a sense of teamwork in bringing about these opportunities to our students. Local businesses, clubs, churches, and prominent individuals within the community must be aware of this organization and their efforts in order for them to expand their scope and achieve their goals. Currently they have the support of Minister’s Alliance, which is a positive step toward an effective coalition.

So please join me in support of Technology for the Future. Their motto is “Together We Can Make a Difference” and I truly believe those words. It is crucial that we work as a team so that our children will have all the tools and opportunities necessary to increase their self-regard and be inspired as they embark on their educational journey.


Rep. Cecil Brockman
60th District – Guilford County
North Carolina House of Representatives

Nonprofit offering laptops to inspire future leaders

HIGH POINT — Adrian Martinca is a young entrepreneur who wants to better the lives of Guilford County students in need by giving them laptop computers and guidance for use.

“We want to ensure that every child in need in Guilford County, grades K-12, has access to the technology they need to succeed,” Martinca said.

Martinca, 25, operates A.M. Technologies, which has partnered with more than 1,800 vendors on the East Coast to provide high-quality laptops at $100 each.

A.M. Technologies is run by millennials, including a 22-year-old chief operating officer, and some older employees. In March, Martinca founded Technology for the Future, an online-based nonprofit similar to Donors Choose. Kernersville-based A.M. Technologies distributes from its 12,000-square-foot High Point warehouse, he said.

The goal is to provide technology resources for future generations.

“Our movement under our nonprofit is referenced as ‘One Child, One Computer, One Future: $100,’” Martinca said. “Our current focus is to ensure our home county is provided with the computers they need. To show that we believe in the cause and ensure that we have a good starting point, I provided the funding to provide 500 kids with computers, $50,000. We are now on a mission to find other supporters and ensure all the students in need in K-12 in Guilford get registered for our program.”

In addition to seeking other donors, the group is asking children and young people to share their own videos or written essays expressing their inspiration for the use of a computer and how it can better their lives. Martinca said the laptops would belong to the child, rather than the school district or any other organization.

“We want to be able to inspire kids, broaden their perspectives and show them there are so many gateways out there,” Martinca said.

Martinca and Wendy Leigh Thomas spoke on behalf of Technology for the Future at the most recent Guilford County Board of Education meeting on June 30. Keith McCullough, a board member from High Point, said he believes the nonprofit can potentially form a good partnership with Say Yes to Education, an initiative that makes college scholarship money available to all Guilford County Schools students and also helps with “wraparound services,” like tutoring.

Thomas asked school board members to help spread the word and encourage students to visit website.

Martinca hopes to collect all the applications and funding to cover Guilford County before the end of this year, and plans to host a kickoff event similar to a graduation ceremony to mark the first step forward for children. | 336-888-3534 | @HPEcinde


Greensboro, NC (February 2, 2011) – On Thursday evening, January 27, Bank of Oak Ridge held an awards dinner in Greensboro to honor recipients of the UNCG Campus Entrepreneurs Award. Adrian Martinca, Ja’el Mosley, and C. Daniel Taylor were each selected to receive an official campus business license and offered a loan from the Bank of Oak Ridge Micro-Loan Fund for a start-up campus business.

UNCG Award recipients
left to right: Award recipients C. Daniel Taylor and Adrian Martinca, UNCG professor Joe Erba, award recipient Ja’el Mosley, and Bank of Oak Ridge Chief Credit Officer Bill Vasaly

The winners were chosen based on business plans they submitted after participating in the Campus Entrepreneurs class at the UNCG Bryan School of Business. A selection committee of UNCG faculty and local business leaders judged the plans.

The event was hosted by Bank of Oak Ridge in Greensboro, and attended by the award recipients, Joe Erba, the instructor of the Campus Entrepreneurs class, and members of the Bank of Oak Ridge management team, including President and CEO Ron Black, Chief Credit Officer Bill Vasaly, and Retail Banking Manager Brady Young. The management team shared their experience of starting a community bank and the challenges of creating a new business venture. They also answered questions from the award recipients, who were eager to get advice.

“It was an honor to recognize these students who are keeping the spirit of entrepreneurship alive and it is a great pleasure to help them grow their businesses,” said Bill Vasaly.

Bank of Oak Ridge contributed $20,000 to start the micro-loan fund in 2008. The fund has since been used to offer business loans, up to $1,000 each, to 10 UNCG student entrepreneurs. As the students repay the loans, the money goes back into the fund to award to future recipients. Loan recipients first complete a Campus Entrepreneurs course at UNCG where they learn how to create a viable new campus business. At the end of the course, students may submit a business plan to a panel of judges comprised of UNCG faculty, administrators and outside executives. The best business plans are awarded a license to conduct business on the UNCG campus and offered a micro-loan.


Computers not only serve as a way for people to connect, but also as a great tool for finding information.  K.I.D.S., Inc., a daycare in Greensboro, shows us this by using technology to enhance their children’s education.  They devote themselves to teaching students about a wide range of subjects that will give them advantages in order to better their lives.

Their most recent endeavor has been teaching children about hydroponics.  Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil; the roots are instead submerged in a mineral nutrient solution in water.  This gives the children hands on experience early-on with ‘real life’ situations.

We were able to give them the computer lab they needed in order to complete their own personal hydroponics experiment.  All of the children are able to work with nature and technology, and watch as they interact to create growth and advancement.  We are excited to be able to provide support to this incredible educational program, and are grateful the computers will be able to aid any future projects they create.