Adrian Martinca

Founder and President

“If you have the right support so you can be capable, you will become capable, and thereby create opportunity to succeed.”

Our future is in the hands of our children and the very resources we provide them. It is our mission to ensure that the resources and inspiration needed is accessible for all seeking to create a positive future for themselves and our children.

Miriam Martincova

Vice President and Creative Director

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

Throughout the years of seeking the balance between passion for art and positively impacting people’s lives, Miriam came to find non-profit work to be the most fulfilling. In the hopes of creating refuge for people through enabling their own self-expression, Miriam finds promoting Technology for the Future’s mission to its greatest potential is the ideal beginning.

Ron Phillips

Community Development Specialist

When I made a decision to team up with Technology for the Future I saw a lot of the same values that I have been desiring for community development and opportunities to make a difference through the eyes of a kid. Empowering out kids with what they need to be successful grows strong communities as well as strong families.

Robert Schmidt

Web Development Director

It has always been his goal to see people be able to design the World they live in. Rob made his appearance on the scene in January 2016, 2-years after leaving the school at UNC Chapel Hill to pursue his endeavors in entrepreneurship. After meeting much success in the start-up world, Rob decided it was time to give back. He joined forces with Adrian to form Technology for the Future and begin their mission forward toward designing a brighter future for our nation’s youth.