"When we look to technology as a gateway to harnessing our children's potential, we open doors to a brighter future."

Adrian Martinca, Founder


Our mission is to support innovative thinking, develop resources, and form cooperations that create opportunity, better standards of living, and that aid society.

Our Movement:

This is a movement because technology is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. The movement starts with us. We must stand together to provide our future generations with the resources necessary to be capable of achieving their dreams and aspirations.

Our collaboration across communities will OPEN Doors for our children to have Equal Access to technology that enhances their education, innovative thinking, and personal development.

Our Organization:

Technology for the Future is a 501(c)-3 registered non-profit based in NC. Our team believes that having the right technology and resources can enhance an individual’s opportunity and intellectual growth.

We believe that having Equal Access empowers the communication of thoughts, ideas, and aspirations across the globe.


We envision a World of United Opportunities built on a system of equal access to resources for everyone.

Make a Contribution

Creating equal access to technology:

Why people should buy refurbished laptops:

Our computers give you corporate grade performance for the fraction of the price of a new computer!

Not only will you receive a 1 year warranty just as you would with a new computer, but also, by purchasing a refurbished laptop, you are helping protect the environment. Corporate grade equipment brings the user great functionality which can provide higher performance than low cost new computers. This is your opportunity to get a durable and reliable device for your daily use.

How the proceeds from your purchase change childrens' lives:

Our laptop sales create the funds to provide students in need with their own laptop.

Having access to technology in today’s world directly correlates with a student’s capability to pursue their education. By helping create equal access to computers for students, we empower them to not only feel believed in, but also ensure that they can learn freely and build opportunities for their future. This is our way of helping children realize their dreams and aspirations.

Creating equal access to technology to enhance the World's potential for creating a brighter future!

Meet our Team

Technology for the future-19

Miriam Martincova
Executive Director

With a passion for people and a desire to protect and nurture our rising world leaders, Miriam drives forward to ensure that every student has equal opportunity to succeed. In a world centered around technology, it is her belief that granting students access to resources empowers them to pursue their own dreams and create a world in which they are able to thrive.

“We hold the key that unlocks the gateway to a world of resources and understanding. Together, we will ensure everyone has the access necessary to achieve their dreams.”



Adrian Martinca
Chairman & Founder

Our future is in the hands of our children and the very resources we provide them. It is our mission to ensure that the resources and inspiration needed is accessible for all seeking to create a positive future.

“If you have the right support so you can be capable, you will become capable, and thereby create the opportunity to succeed.”


Technology for the future-4

David Kane
Chief Product Officer

Technology is one of the most essential elements to society today. I believe that innovating solutions that fulfill the needs of our future generations to succeed is vital to positive growth in our communities. It has been my dream to impact people’s lives through my engineering degree, and working with Technology for the Future allows me to do just that.

When utilized effectively technology is a gateway to a student’s potential.


Brittany Hiter
Digital Media Director

After attending a technology-based high school for at-risk youth, I learned how essential it is for all students to have access to those very same resources. Sadly, a large percentage of students all over the world are still disconnected from technology and their full potential. I believe every child is capable and should feel empowered to dream big, reach for the stars, and achieve greatness.

By being able to provide every child with equal opportunity for their education and eliminate the digital divide we can ensure that students realize those dreams and become the great leaders of tomorrow.


Rev. Odell Cleveland
Director of Community Affairs

We must come together as communities and create common ground for our students to stand on. It is our responsibility to our future generations to ensure that we utilize the resources available to enhance their potential for success.


Deon Clark
Director of Event Marketing

We are dedicated to reaching millennials and the next generation and equipping them to be life changing trendsetters.

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