About Us


Our mission is to support innovative thinking, develop resources, and form cooperations that create opportunity, better standards of living, and that aid society.


We envision a World of United Opportunities built on a system of equal access to resources necessary for achievement.


This is a movement because technology is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. The movement starts with us. We must stand together to provide our future generations with the resources necessary to be capable of achieving their dreams and aspirations. Our collaboration across communities, will OPEN Doors for our children to have Equal Access to technology that enhances their education, innovative thinking, and personal development.

Join our movement and together we can OPEN Doors for Equal Access.

Who we are:

Technology for the Future is a 501(c)-3 registered non-profit based in NC. Our team believes that having the right technology and resources can enhance an individual’s opportunity and intellectual growth. We believe that having Equal Access empowers the communication of thoughts, ideas, and aspirations across the globe.

WFMY Interview on Technology for Students.

Copyright 2018 Technology for the Future. Registered 501(c)3.

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