About Us


Technology for the Future is aimed to serve as the benchmark for the future of education and the accessibility to information by providing students across the nation with a tool to connect. This is a movement to provide our future generations with the resources needed to uplift their sense of self-regard, self-belief, and their overall ability to be capable of achieving their dreams and aspirations. By working together across communities far and wide, we can ensure our children feel believed in and look to technology as a tool in their path for education, innovative thinking, and personal development.

Our Purpose

Technology for the Future is an organization that believes that innovative solutions can be found to overcome the issues that many societies face today. We believe that a united system of resources and co-operations can weave a bridge of creativity and progressive designs that will aid our society in building a brighter future.

We are a team of innovators, thinkers, and educators that believe that having the right technology and resources can change the future of opportunity and intellectual growth. We believe there should be no reason why someone does not have access to the tools our technologically dependent world uses for employment, education, and other general needs. In this sense, we stimulate the communication of thoughts, ideas, and aspirations across the globe.


Our Achievements

Our efforts strive to support community development, education, and opportunities that help facilitate growth for our societies, including:

Providing computer and technology solutions for local, community-based institutions
Building co-operations and resource systems to help people far and wide

Our Goals

Ensure people have the tools needed to harness their capability and define opportunity
Support our future generations to develop positive self-regard and aspiration for themselves to succeed
Develop a sustainable system of shared resources that promotes positive development, personal growth, and societal unity
Direct technology as a gateway to Knowledge, Understanding, and Development
Use technology as a means to create a brighter future rather than serve as a distraction

Supporting Students

“We believe our mission will not only be able to aid students on a level with their education, but also help them grow into more fulfilled people.” – Adrian Martinca


Adrian Martinca

Adrian Martinca

Founder and President

“If you have the right support so you can be capable, you will become capable, and thereby create opportunity to succeed.”

Our future is in the hands of our children and the very resources we provide them. It is our mission to ensure that the resources and inspiration needed is accessible for all seeking to create a positive future.

Miriam Martincova

Miriam Martincova

Vice President and Creative Director

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

Throughout the years of seeking the balance between passion for art and positively impacting people’s lives, Miriam came to find non-profit work to be the most fulfilling. In the hopes of creating refuge for people through enabling their own self-expression, Miriam finds promoting Technology for the Future’s mission to its greatest potential is the ideal beginning.

David Kane

David Kane

Product Development Director

Technology is one of the most essential elements to society today. I believe that innovating solutions that fulfill the needs of our future generations to succeed is vital to positive growth in our communities. It has been my dream to impact people’s lives through my engineering degree, and working with Technology for the Future allows me to do just that. Not only can we use technology to create opportunities for our children to succeed, but we also enable them to harness a tool that holds the ability to provide positive personal development when utilized effectively.

Hailey Harry

Hailey Harry

Public Relations and Marketing

I cannot express how important it is for our children to have equal access to education and intellectual freedom. Education through technology allows an experience unique to any other kind of learning. It enables a student’s ability to inquire and create without external controls or limitations, and fosters the kind of spirit that produces innovators, visionaries, and leaders. I cannot fathom the kind of possibilities our future is capable of when we invest our resources and confidence in our future generations ability to improve our world.

Robert Schmidt

Robert Schmidt

Web Development

It has always been his goal to see people be able to design the World they live in. Rob made his appearance on the scene in January 2016, 2-years after leaving the school at UNC Chapel Hill to pursue his endeavors in entrepreneurship. After meeting much success in the start-up world, Rob decided it was time to give back. He joined forces with Adrian to form Technology for the Future and begin their mission forward toward designing a brighter future for our nation’s youth.

Debbie Ford

Debbie Ford

Community Liaison and Advisor

“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” – Bill Gates

‘I believe that expanding a child’s mind through education is one of the greatest gifts.” Technology can help expand opportunities for children that may not be available to them. All children have the right to technology that help them realize their greatest potential.