Helping Students Connect

This is a movement to provide our future generations with the resources needed to uplift their sense of self-regard, self-belief, and their overall ability to be capable of achieving their dreams and aspirations. By working together across communities far and wide, we can ensure our children are believed in and have the resources needed to succeed.

Create a Project

It is our responsibility as a society to ensure the right resources and guidance are available for our future generations. Help us stand together and create a direct impact within your own local communities by registering students and raising awareness. Create a project to help the students in your own local community.

Affordable Laptop Solutions

Our goal is to provide accessible technology for everyone. The ability to connect to information is vital for positive community development. Our products help us sustain funding for donations to students in need.

Adrian Martinca

Adrian Martinca

Founder and President

β€œIf you have the right support so you can be capable, you will become capable, and thereby create opportunity to succeed.”

Our future is in the hands of our children and the very resources we provide them. It is our mission to ensure that the resources and inspiration needed is accessible for all seeking to create a positive future.

Miriam Martincova

Miriam Martincova

Vice President and Creative Director

β€œOnly a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

Throughout the years of seeking the balance between passion for art and positively impacting people’s lives, Miriam came to find non-profit work to be the most fulfilling. In the hopes of creating refuge for people through enabling their own self-expression, Miriam finds promoting Technology for the Future’s mission to its greatest potential is the ideal beginning.

David Kane

David Kane

Product Development Director

Technology is one of the most essential elements to society today. I believe that innovating solutions that fulfill the needs of our future generations to succeed is vital to positive growth in our communities. It has been my dream to impact people’s lives through my engineering degree, and working with Technology for the Future allows me to do just that. Not only can we use technology to create opportunities for our children to succeed, but we also enable them to harness a tool that holds the ability to provide positive personal development when utilized effectively.

A Peek into our process


Register Students

Student application process asks students to look to technology as a means to achieving ones dreams.



To qualify students must demonstrate genuine understanding and for their capability to use a computer as a tool for success inside and outside the classroom.


Funding Process

Successful applicants are processed through our available funding to receive their own personal computer.


Laptop Award

Laptop is shipped to successful applicant as a tool for educational and personal growth.


Inspire Others

All successful applicants are honored for their drive to create a positive impact in their lives.