Partnering with with Paul Lessard and Silent Donor to Make Dreams Come True

Written by Victory

October 9, 2018

Technology for the Future has partnered with Highpoint LEAP, which stands for Literacy Empowers All People, to give back to kids within the community. Our team had the opportunity to provide students who participated in the program with laptops to reward them for taking action to create a brighter future. 

When Adrian learned that Highpoint LEAP, which stands for literacy empowers all people, was holding a ceremony for their summer camp literacy graduation, he saw an opportunity for Technology for the Future to help more kids within the community. Technology for the Future partnered with Paul Lessard and a silent donor to donate 70 laptops to the children who participated in the graduation as a reminder that their community believes in them. “If we give them a safe browsing environment and a safe way to access the unlimited information that our 21st-century tools bring us… then we can truly open doors to their potential as individuals and create a brighter future for our communities”, Adrian explains on Fox 8 news. 

The event not only raised awareness for Technology for the Future within the community, but it also gave people exposure to the opportunity for purpose companies, such as Technology for the Future and LEAP have to offer for their local communities.  

The newsreel depicts the excitement of the kids at the ceremony, as they hold the new devices Technology for the Future donated with the help of Paul Lessard and a silent donor. 

Join Operation Dream Force to learn what you can do to help support the dreams of students in your community! Together, we can build a brighter future for our students and their families. 

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