Helping Hurricane Relief Organization We Wilm Rebuild

Written by Victory

September 21, 2018

In the fall of 2018, Hurricane Florence stormed through the East Coast. Residents of Wilmington, North Carolina were forced to evacuate their homes, many of which suffered a significant degree of damage. Jasmine and Wes, founders of We Wilm Rebuild set out on a mission to help their local community by gathering supplies to help families affected by the hurricane.  They just faced one problem: not having a space to store their donations before being redistributed to those in Wilmington.  When Adrian and Miriam heard of this challenge during a chance encounter, they were determined to help. “We offered We Wilm Rebuild space in our the Technology for the Future warehouse.”  

The four teamed up to help get as many supplies out to families as possible. Adrian set up a website to help We Wilm Rebuild could coordinate volunteer efforts, drop-off locations, and donations for their mission. The community was asked to donate essential items such as canned food, water, and other household necessities. 

The effort proved to be a great success, as they were able to compile 18 pallets, each piled over 5 feet high. The efforts showed just how much can be done when like-minded people come together to support the community. 

Want to learn how you can make a difference in your community? Join Operation Dream Force to become a part of a community fighting to create a brighter future for our students and their families. 

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