Opening Doors to a World Of Unlimited Potential Through Technology

Written by Victory

April 18, 2018

Experience A World of Unlimited Potential documents an event we put on with the help of local organizations, including the HPU Rowing Club and the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club (SABG). Adrian called his friends at the HPU social entrepreneurship program about wanting to do something for the children in his community. He then teamed with the HPU rowing club and the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club to find a group of deserving students who we invited to attend the event. 

The video features students spending their day on the lake with HPU Rowing Club members. After an eventful day learning to row, Adrian revealed the well-kept secret that he had a gift for them all. The children gathered around the picnic tables as the Dream Force handed out the presents. “We know how important it is for you to have as many experiences as you can and for you to know that there are people out here… that care about you and that believe in each and every single one of you”, Adrian says as the kids listened eagerly with smiling faces.    

All at once, the kids unwrap their gifts and the laptops are revealed to the students. “You never know what will trigger somebody’s curiosity… or change their life”, Burton Whicker, the Assistance Coach of the rowing club, shares in support of Adrian’s message that access to a laptop has the power to change a child’s life. 

As the day comes to an end, the Dream Force team and the students gather together for a group photo in which the students hold their laptops in the air and exclaim “I believe” to serve as a promise to themselves that they will always believe in themselves and their dreams. Together, the students broke out reciting the song lyrics, “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky”, happily laughing together. Adrian and the Dream Force team smiled knowing that they had done what they came there to do — create a greater sense of community through the gift of access to technology, the world’s greatest gift. 

Join the Dream Force and experience the power of what dreams can do! Together, we can change the world by creating equal access for students and their families.

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