We are a team of innovators, thinkers, and educators that believe that having the right technology and resources can change the future of opportunity and intellectual growth. We believe there should be no reason why someone does not have access to the tools our technologically dependent world uses for employment, education, and other general needs. In this sense, we stimulate the communication of thoughts, ideas, and aspirations across the globe.

Let's Start Here.

It is our time to stand together in kindness for one another, and show how much of a difference we can make if we simply show we care.

This is a movement to provide our future generations with the resources needed to uplift their sense of self-regard, self-belief, and their overall ability to be capable of achieving their dreams and aspirations. By working together across communities far and wide, we can ensure our children are believed in and have the resources needed to succeed.

Harnessing Capability for a Brighter Future.

Working Together

Our goal is to work together and ensure that children are inspired to believe in their capability to create a positive future and achieve their dreams.

It is our responsibility as a society to provide them with the tools and guidance they need. Help us stand together and create a direct impact within your own local communities. If you are an organization and would like to collaborate with our efforts to create a difference in your own area please register with us.

UAW Support.

Working with organizations in local communities allows us to have a direct local impact throughout the country.

By working together as a large community, sharing our resources, and uniting our efforts allows us to create the support needed to build a brighter future. With the help of organizations like the United Auto Workers we can reach out to students in need, and together bring our efforts to where they can create the biggest difference possible.


  • Bank of Oak Ridge Recognizes UNCG Entrepreneurs At Awards Dinner
  • Nonprofit offering laptops to inspire future leaders
  • NC House Support - Rep. Cecil Brockman
  • UAW Support
  • Thomas Built Buses Support

Tools for Opportunity

Using technology to create a benefit for our future.

Our ability to explore the World, research, and share ideas is harnessed by accessible technologies. We work to reach out, understand, and innovate solutions for people in communities far and wide.

Laptop for Anyone

Connecting everyone in the community.

We would like to share our resources with other members of the community.

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